"Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself."

FS2 2023 - 2024

Mrs Haigh

Mrs Haigh

FS2 Teacher

Mrs Guthrie

FS2 Teacher

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Holmes

Teaching Assistant FS2

Here we believe a child’s early years should be magical and full of curiosity. There is no better place to wonder, be magic and make your brain grow bigger than at Christ the King!

FS2 has two classes. Our staff are as follows: 

Miss Guthrie - Class Teacher

Mrs Haigh - Class Teacher

Mrs Gallagher / Mrs Holmes  Teaching Assistant

Our Setting

Our Early Years team is committed to providing a rich learning environment, full of possibilities, that allows the children to build independence and be the creators of their own learning journey. All of our provision is open-ended and based on the concepts of communication, collaboration and creativity. This enables the children to interpret the activities in their own way whilst developing skills across all areas of learning.

We focus on play based practise as we believe that play with all its language, physicality and social interaction is an appropriate and excellent grounding for their educational journey. Play appeals to children's natural curiosity and desire to engage in experiences based on their interests, strengths and they develop skills as they make sense of their world around them.

Our aim is to provide experiences which are imaginative, challenging and fun! We are on a co-adventure with the children listening to their interests, developing their skills and enabling them to find their own challenges, leading to high engagement.

We love learning in our outdoor classroom which we call ‘Adventure Island’! It has equal value in our eyes and we have spent a lot of time developing the space to allow children to develop their skills across all areas of learning.

Opportunities for large blocks of uninterrupted play are provided during our school day giving the children time to explore but alongside this we also incorporate direct teaching times to introduce and consolidate skills in phonics, mathematics and personal and emotional development.

In these directed learning times we continue to appeal to the children’s sense of wonder by using stories as our hook to learning, often dressing as characters, receiving unexpected letters or presents and finding curiosities in our classroom! We love to use our imaginations to really engage with the children.

Our faith is interwoven through our daily routines, directed learning and play. We enjoy sharing the stories of God’s family and helping the children learn and live by Christian values with us thinking about our school's mission in all we do.

Learning doesn’t have to be sat at a table or even involve an adult! We know that it happens in many, many different ways and we know that the children have the ability to map out their own adventure. Although we do love to be part of it!

Our Connection with You

We see ourselves, the children and their parents/adults, as one big CTK family. Before your child joins FS2 at our school you will be welcomed to a parents/adults only meeting and then your child with have a visit session in the setting.

The start of term in September begins with individual parents/adults meetings where we get to know your child better from you and all about your family. Following this we keep you up to date with your child’s development through our online journal ‘Seesaw’. We hope you enjoy accessing your child’s journal to see the exciting activities they do. We also have ‘Stay and plays’ which are a chance to talk to you about how the children learn in FS2 and for you to join in their play in the setting. In addition, we have three parents meetings through the year.

Our door is always open and we really look forward to working with you to ensure your child reaches their full potential. If there is anything you would like to discuss you can see us any day after school for a few minutes or call our school office to leave a message for further contact.

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