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Art and DT

In line with the expectations of the National Curriculum, art  lessons will take an experimental approach with pupils exploring a variety of different materials and processes, in two and three dimensions - helping to understand their potential, become familiar with their characteristics and develop confidence and competency when working with them. Pupils from Year 1, will use sketchbooks to record their ideas. Pupils are encouraged to
use their sketchbook as a place to practise, as well as represent their thoughts and feelings through art and design. Each year group focusses upon artists as they learn different techniques and use a variety of materials. In addition to the sketchbooks, work is showcased around the school and on digital platforms. 

Our Arts Council helps promote a love for art and design by helping with ideas for decorating the school at Christmas and running art activities at the school and Christmas fair. Art is also used as a medium for other curriculum areas such as studying the 'Our Father' in RE  and celebrating diversity and national celebrations such as the jubilee.


In DT, we have started looking at the different strands of the subject including mechanisms. structures, textiles and electrical circuits. You can see our Y5 cams, Y6 electrical and  Y4 textile projects in the pictures below.

Please use the links below to find out more about the progression of art and DT  at CTK.


Below, explore some of excellent art work exhibitions from different year groups all based around Diversity day:

circuit eval.jpg IMG-0880.jpg y3 art crit.jpg
y2 art crit.JPG y5 dt cams.jpg y4 eval of purse.jpg

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