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At Christ the King, we recognise that learning about history is crucial to our ever-changing society and values. We aim to make learning about history fun for all, as well as providing children with the facts and information to gain knowledge that sticks with them for life.

We follow the National Curriculum, which aims to develop:

  • Understanding the history of these islands: how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.
  • Understanding of significant aspects of history in the wider world- ancient civilisations, empires, non-European societies and achievements of humanity.
  • Gaining understanding of abstract, historical vocabulary.
  • Understand historical concepts e.g. causes and consequences, similarities, significance etc.

In line with the National Curriculum, we take an enquiry-based approach in lessons, guided by ‘key questions’ and ‘big concepts’. The children are given the opportunity to look at the historical evidence and facts and sharing their own opinions supported by the evidence, to debate, prove or discuss their historical thinking and reasoning. 

Our main resource is ‘Key Stage History’ which promotes enquiry based learning.

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