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Year 1 2021 - 2022

Mrs Dobson

Mrs Dobson

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Hunter

Mrs Hunter

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Shipley

Mrs Shipley

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Kilfoyle
Mrs Kilfoyle

Mrs Kilfoyle

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Peers

Mrs Peers

Teaching Assistant Year 1

Reading Books

Children will change their decodable reading books every Friday.  They will bring this book home and we would ask that they read each book aloud to an adult at least two times.  Please record a snippet of their reading on Seesaw each week.  Children will also be allocated books using our online books on Oxford Owls.  Log in details can be found inside their blue reading record.  We would encourage you to add a brief comment (including date, title, pages read) in your child's blue Reading Record.  

In addition children will be able to choose a 'Reading for Pleasure' book from the school library to take home on a Friday. 

Please encourage them to look after these books and return all books to school the following Wednesday. 


Year 1 children will be set homework every Friday via Seesaw. As we are aiming to reduce the paper we use as a school, we will try and set homework that can be completed in homework books as well as on Seesaw. Paper copies will be provided for any homework that cannot be completed straight into homework books. The focus of the homework will alternate each week between Math and Phonics/ English. 

Mathletics tasks will be set each week in addition to the weekly homework. These tasks are optional and we will provide children with as many opportunities to access Mathletics in school as well. Your child can access further tasks in Mathletics but we ask that you do not go past the Autumn section as they have not yet had the learning to help them be successful in some of these areas of Maths. 


Children should come into school in their PE kits with joggers and trainers on their allocated PE days.  They should also have pumps available in a bag on their peg for indoor PE sessions.  The allocated PE days for each class are:

Year 1SH - Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)

Year 1DK - Wednesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor)


Our main focus on home learning in Year 1 is daily reading and, as the year progresses, basic skills such as mental arithemetic and spellings. Mathletics homework .... Year 1 children will be given one piece of homework linked to either maths, English or topic work to support our work in class and details will be put on Seesaw each Friday.  Please upload any work using Seesaw for the classteachers to mark.  

Useful websites

Phonics screening check example


Oxford Owls




This term we will be reading a selection of high quality stories such as:

The Lion Inside

The snail and the whale

The last wolf

There will also be an opportunity for the children to listen, recite and enjoy poetry. 

We will be focusing on writing in full sentences using basic punctuation such as capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. We are also developing our handwriting and reviewing the letter families. Children will be encouraged to apply their phonics into their writing practise, segmenting a word so they can hear the sounds and spell it with increasing accuracy. 


This term we will be learning about place value in numbers to 20, addition and subtraction to 20, shape and place value within 20. Children are also using Rekenreks to allow them to subitise numbers and develop their mental calculation strategies.


Our topic this term is Families and Celebrations. We have asked that you share a family photo on Seesaw in preparation for this topic as we will share these as a class so children have an opportunity to talk about their family. We will also look at the 'church family' and listen to stories about Jesus's family too. 


Each Science lesson gives the children an opportunity to focus on a scientist and prove their theories through lots of exploration. This term Year 1 will be studying Materials and Seasonal Changes (Winter - Spring). 


Our geography topic this term is studying 'animals in hot and cold places'. We will learn vocabulary such as 'equator' 'north/south pole' and discuss why certain animals live in different climates. Year 1 will also learn about the continents and oceans that make up our world.





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