"Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself."

School Council


2022-23  Lead member: Tara

Members: Max, Isabel, Harlow, Mia, Keir, Ava, Jaxon, Harry, Prisha, Alex, Joe, Amelia, Niall, Ellee, Ethan, Emily, Thea, Jake, Eleanor, Arlo, Lucas, Georgia, Emilia, Teddy, Ollie

The aim of having a school council is to give our students a vehicle through which their voice can be heard and acted upon. Our school council is comprised of two members from each year group from years 1-6 and our Head of Council, Tara. They meet at least twice per month to discuss school life  and to suggest any improvements or issues that they feel strongly about. They act as a liaison between their class and school leaders. This year they will be involved in Macmillan coffee morning, Anti-Bullying week, safety, eco ideas and reading for pleasure.

In the past they have worked hard to make our school more eco-friendly and to gain the Eco Green Flag award. This involved litter picking, reducing plastic and wastage, encouraging non- single -use plastics and monitoring energy efficiency. Our new council are keen to continue this. We look forward to ideas they have this year.

October 2022

In conjunction with Mini Vinnies, food donations were collected for Harvest. The council recognised the difficulties within our own school community that some families are facing so asked if the donated food could first be offered to our families. 

Each week, the council come with ideas their class have discussed. They are always thinking about great ways to help our school.

September 2022

The school council helped organise a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan.  Children bought cakes from their class and the school council ran the coffee morning for teachers and organised a game of pin the cherry on the cake. (Thank you to Tara for the fabulous game!) The whole school raised £460.01 to donate to a worthy cause. Thank you to Mrs Horgan, one of our parents and a local fundraiser for Macmillan for helping us too!

March 2022

This month we have talked about not wasting food. We had noticed in the lunchroom that some children had been wasting food so our school counil reps talked to their classes. Since then we have noticed a difference but we will continue to monitor.

We also went litter picking by the church. Look what we found that was spoiling God's creation!


February 2022

School Council asked member of their class what books they would like to add to the library. Here are some we ordered. After the sponsored read we will be able to buy more!


January 2022

Our new litter pickers have arrived. We have made a rota for each class to have a turn to help keep our school grounds tidy.litter picking.jpg

December 2021

Our new library furniture arrived and we excitedly helped organise the books onto the shelves. It looks great and we can't wait to get in and read! Thank you to everyone who has donated books they don't read any more and who also bought us some brand new books off our Amazon wishlist.


November  2021

We organised and presented a virtual presentation for antibullying week to remind everyone about the different kinds of bullying and what is and is not bullying. We also wore odd socks to show that we respect everyone's differences.

odd sock day.jpg

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