"Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself."

School Council



Members: Ben, Annie, Freddie, Verity, Erin, Brooke, Penny, Harrison, Georgie, Monty, Maddie, Tessa, Daniel, Louie, Poppy, Sofia, lacie, Jacob, Lily, Greta, Charlie, Thomas, Kate

Our school council is comprised of two members from each year group from years 1-6. They meet fortnightly to discuss how school life is going and to suggest any improvements or issues that they feel strongly about. They act as a liaison between their class and school leaders. 


In the past they have worked hard to make our school more eco-friendly and to gain the Eco Green Flag award. This involved litter picking, reducing plastic and wastage, encouraging non- single -use plastics and monitoring energy efficiency. We look forward to ideas they have this year.

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