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Cross Country

Cross Country starts again on September 19th at Birkenhead Park, please see PDF below for further details.

Thursday 19th September
What a fantastic first race we had! It was lovely to see some familiar faces and exciting to see lots of new faces!  The weather was in our favour and the rain stayed away.  The children found it tough but each and every one of them perserved until the end, some even coming across the finish line with a smile!  We are looking forward to race number 2 in two weeks alongn with some new ryunners to add to our CTK team. 

Race 2 - 3/10/19 - Arrowe Park

Race 3 - 17/10/19 - Higher Bebington Park
Race 4 - 27/2/20 - Arrowe Park
Race 5 - 12/3/20 - Birkenhead Park

Race 6 - 26/3/20 - The Arno (relay race)

If you would like more information then you can visit the website clicking the link below.  A permission slip will be sent home to be signed if your child is interested in attending the event.  If any children cannot attend the races after school they are still more than welcome to attend daily practises at 12:15pm (weather permitting).


A big well done to all children who have participated so far. We would love to see more children take part for the final 5 races so please let Miss Hassan know if you would like to attend.

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